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Application Consulting
and Integrations for Epicor Eclipse

Our years of experience with Epicor Eclipse can help your company outperform in the distribution marketplace and keep pace with your competition. Our simple methods for consulting and easy-to-implement process improvements are the hallmarks of our unique approach.

Our Mission Drives Our Approach

We are on a mission to make the independent trade distributors we work with the most competitive in the market. We isolate process and technical issues and help you solve them to benefit your business. We don't attempt to force you into unwelcome technological solutions that create confusion and increase overhead. Our goal is your increased efficiency and profitability.

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What Inspiritek Offers

Business Process Optimization

We promote consistent, incremental improvement for less strain on your culture - and your budget. Our goal is to make you money, not cost you.

Warehouse Optimization Strategies

Finding easy-to-implement warehouse optimization initiatives is our focus. We want you to succeed, not be overwhelmed.

Best Fit Technology

Every organization has unique needs. We find - or build - the technology solutions that work for you. From Eclipse extensions to full web applications, we are able to advise, build and implement tools that will help your buisiness succeed..

Eclipse Applications and Integrations

Apex Lockers

Self-service order pickup for your customers. Save your delivery staff time and increase your value to your customers.

Related Items Builder

Automatically populate your Eclipse® related items and never miss a cross-sell opportunity again!

Warehouse KPI Reporting Suite

Get more from your RF Warehouse investment from warehouse reporting on the metrics that matter to distributors like you.

eBay & Amazon Integration

Sell on the most popular platforms for consumers and wholesale buyers!

Shopify Integration

Connect your Eclipse ERP to the most popular ecommerce platform on the planet! We make it simple!

Custom Eclipse Integrations

Want to create something all your own? You can! And we can help you make it happen.

About Us

Our team members have worked in distribution and wholesale businesses just like yours. We've seen some of the common issues you face as a distributor and, collectively we've managed implementation projects and created software solutions for more than 25 years. We identify with the unique challenges of distributors using Epicor Eclipse and can help you navigate new projects and technology.

With cross-functional backgrounds that include technology, marketing, sales, and project management we are suited to help your business find solutions to the existing challenges in today's competitive landscape.

Our Commitment to Your Business

We hold ourselves to these standards. We will all sleep better because of it.

Budget Awareness

We respect - and protect - your budget. Your business success is our main priority.

Strategy & Consulting

We align our approach with your goals and never suggest technology solutions just because they are new.

Ongoing Support

We are your partners. We prove it down the road with our support of your projects.

Protect the future of your business!

Let our experience help you advance and accomplish your business goals without complicating your life.